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Northern Minnesota Nursery

 Northern Minnesota Nursery was started in 1988.

The nursery is a bare root seedling nursery, producing plants for reforestation and Christmas tree growers.

Our climate is a USDA Zone 3. We experience some very harsh winters with temperatures as low as -50 f. Because of this we are limited to the variety of plants that we can grow. It is a kind of a proving ground for how hardy some plants are. Since most Fir species come from cooler climates, we are experimenting with a lot of the new exotic fir species.


Some of these species are:

  • Abies bornmueller fir (Turkish Fir)
  • Abies cicilian fir (cicilian fir)
  • Abies koreana (Korean Fir)
  • Abies veitchii (Vetch Fir)
  • Picea meyeri (Meyer spruce China)


We are located 50 miles West of Duluth,
and 180 miles north of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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